Scottish terrier

Slovakian wire haired pointing dog

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Breed history

Scottish Terrier belongs to the group of dogs called terriers (the word derived from Latin “TERRA” which means “LAND”). The Terrier is a dog which was bred for work on and under the ground, for catching small and big rodents, foxes, wild cats, badgers, weasels, otters, that means wild animals making the life on farms harder. The loss of even one or two lambs could have meant hunger during the winter. That is why poor farmers had to breed such dogs which had outstanding power, spirit and courage and were remarkably persistent. Original dogs bred in the harsh conditions of the Highlands needed strong legs for hunting the rats, strong lungs for work under the ground and rough hair because of the hostile weather. Individual clans of the island inhabitants differed not only by “tartan” but also by the peculiar stakes to have or breed better dog. For that reason is this breed, together with Cairn Terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Skye Terrier and West Highland White Terrier, one of the progeny of the old Scottish terriers. It was in England (1860) where Scotties entered expositional rings for the first time. The breed was forming then for a longer time until its standard was determined by Mr. Morrison and Mr. Thompson in 1880. This is valid with the small corrections till now.

Scottish terrier - GRANITE, owner Sir Payton Piggott,
The first Scottish Terrier on the Kennel Club exhibition
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Characteristic of the breed

"Small by build – great by heart"

Scottish terrier – a short-legged terrier of ancient English origin was used for hunting the varmint since time immemorial, but also as a gifted hunter and tracker as well. Very soon, in the last century, he has begun a fashionable social dog thus it may be seen more on the leashes in the city than with the hunters. It is a strong-willed, well built short-legged breed, which size predetermines it for work under the ground. He has especially big and strong set of teeth, he is very lively with a clever expression in his eyes. As his ears and tail are straight up he always seems to be ready to go anywhere and do some rascality.

Scottish Terrier known also as a “broom” is a original terrier breed which was bred into nowadays outstanding shape in Scotland. He is said to look like a devil and also to have such manners. According to the body he has relatively big, long but narrow head with noticeable moustache and eyebrow. If you open his maw you will find so massive set of teeth that it seems to be impossible to belong to only 10 kilos heavy dog. It corresponds to the body of big setter.

Rich, tough and hard hair which is being trimmed gives him majestic appearance of strength and power. Upright ears and always standing tail, silhouette of his body forming almost square, together with markedly long head, which is sometimes long up to 29 cm by maximum 28 cm of height, give him attractive look, which leaves you really impressed. This demonstrates also the fact that many famous personalities had or have Scottish terrier even without taking care about long ears, long back or deformed teeth. It was always Scottie, great companion, even when independent from your decisions but still absolutely faithful and loyal.

Scottie is a beautiful home sweetheart for those, who know that he is independent but loyal personality at the same time.

This is not the right breed for those who expect maximal obedience, he will never do the things you want him to do or you force him to do.

Scottie is on the other hand outstanding, great and equivalent partner, which is especially sensitive for compliment and will never disappoint you.

Everyone who has ever had Scottish terrier can testify that this is the only breed he would always love to have. It is true, I can also do so. Scotties got me for the rest of my life!

Stana Krieková

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